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By amber simmons, member

Nov 16, 2008: I want to like Tales of MU. There’s a lot of promise here—the world Erin has created is compelling, and her abilities as a writer are not wanting.

The trouble with this story is that I can’t be convinced that the story is anything more than Laurell K. Hamilton at her worst—all sex and angst with no plot or back story.

The idea of a half-demon as a central character is gripping. And yet though the author gives lip service to her heritage, little aside from her abilities with fire illustrates her demonic nature. There is little to no back story that reveals who Mack is, and as a result, I find it very difficult to be interested in her. I want to know about Hell, her parents, what it means to be a demon. The last is most notably lacking, since Mack seems terribly ashamed of being a demon, yet we don’t really get any idea of what is precisely so awful about it. We’re left instead with what amounts to a very slow moving porno.

I went into this novel expecting some sex. I was not expecting to be beat over the head with erotica on nearly every page. I’m no prude, but on the other hand, I read fiction as an escapist way to engage my mind. When I find myself getting jolting out of the writer’s world because of unnecessary and explicit sexual reference over and over, then the story has failed to meet my basic requirements.

In sum: good premise, poor execution. Unless you have a particularly high tolerance for graphic sexual content, find something else.

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