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This isekai deconstruction is infuriating in places, but I couldn’t drop it even when I wanted to

By Naeddyr, member

Jul 20, 2017: Erin is transported to fantasy land and starts leveling as the [Innkeeper] class.

Sounds like a fun, cozy little story, right? No, that is WRONG, rhetorical questioner. This is a drama-filled, hold-onto-your-pants, INFURIATING story about a girl transported into a fantasy world, all partially deconstructed with a huge death-count for side-characters, and friends turning enemies at the drop of a stupid hat.

Expect character death, self-destructive character flaws, two gazillion world-ending threats waiting to be unleashed in the vague plot future (ok, let me count . . . that one guy, these things, that thing, all of THESE, etc. etc.), petty ‘friends’ and those h*cking fairies.

At some level, I kind of hate this story, and I think I will continue to partially hate it and hate-read it . . . but I couldn’t stop reading even when I wanted to! So obviously it does a lot of things right. Maybe TOO right.

In story-structure, it is very serial in nature: probably closest to a fanfic in structure. Often it feels like everything goes in circles, except Erin’s Menagerie of Surviving Friends tends to grow over time.

The story has a medium-big sized character roster, but it’s kept in line through murder.

Three and a half stars, I am half-tempted to put some money towards it on Patreon, but I know there will come something that will again make me grind my teeth off so I’ll just skip the "angry tirade + unsubscribe" bit.

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