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One Page Love Story by Rich Walls

Find love. Every day.

Find love, every day, with One Page Love Story, the hit blog created by author Rich Walls on behalf of those who sometimes feel the need to take their love on the go. One Page Love Story explores the never ending possibilities of love, told one page at a time. Leaving you with time to write that most important love . . .

A complete series.
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Romantic Flash Fiction

By Wildbow, author of Ward

May 5, 2013: Flash fiction is hard to do well, and romantic flash fiction is harder still. ‘One Page Love Story’ (OPLS) by Rich Walls faces this challenge, writing snippets of 250 or less words as individual installments. There’s no continuous narrative, nor recognizable characters. In many cases, people aren’t even named. A short conversation by a campfire, watching the stars together, a memory of how two people had their first meeting at a coffee shop.

Here’s the challenge; with so few words, flash [more . . .]

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