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The Mighty Piñata by Steeven R. Orr

It's like Die Hard in a hospital, but our hero carries a bat, and dresses like a piñata. 

What do you know of heroes?

What do you know of standing atop the walls of justice and letting none pass who travel with nefarious desires in their heart?

What do you know of spitting in the face of crime and tickling the torso of evil?

Come, gather ’round, and I will tell you the tale of the Mighty Piñata.

In his first adventure, the Mighty Piñata is trapped in a hospital that’s been taken over by a group of crusty soldiers.

Can the Piñata save the day?

Note: The Mighty Piñata contains some graphic violence.

A serialized novel, updating weekly

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Listed: Jul 23, 2018


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Delusional "Superhero" (Like Don Quixote or The Tick) Saves a Hospital

By ArtNJ, member

Jul 24, 2018: This is intended as a humor-driven adventure, with a physically normal but highly delusional man dressing as a Pinata and imagining himself to be a great hero. The author could have been inspired by Don Quixote or The Tick—like those heroes, the "Mighty Pinata" is highly delusional, but noble in an comic booky kind of way. The Mighty Pinata interrupts some sort of caper of the Crustacean Conglomerate as they take over a hospital and fights back ala Die Hard/Mall Cop. In the 19 posted chapters, I don’t think I [more . . .]

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A Strange Beast

By Rhodeworks, author of Not All Heroes

Jul 24, 2018: (Review up to Chapter 19 – very minor spoilers)

The Mighty Pinata is an odd little story so far. On one hand, it bucks the trends of superhero serial fiction (the hyper-competent first-person narrator) but, on the other, it also apes trends in other serials (a wry, ‘comedic’ narrator who is Hip To All Those Funny Genre Conventions). There’s a quote that burst into my mind while reading this, but I’ll keep it for the end.

[more . . .]

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