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Delusional "Superhero" (Like Don Quixote or The Tick) Saves a Hospital

By ArtNJ, member

Jul 24, 2018: This is intended as a humor-driven adventure, with a physically normal but highly delusional man dressing as a Pinata and imagining himself to be a great hero. The author could have been inspired by Don Quixote or The Tick—like those heroes, the "Mighty Pinata" is highly delusional, but noble in an comic booky kind of way. The Mighty Pinata interrupts some sort of caper of the Crustacean Conglomerate as they take over a hospital and fights back ala Die Hard/Mall Cop. In the 19 posted chapters, I don’t think I laughed once, but I did smile a decent amount. At best its pleasantly silly and at worst its harmless; it passed the time for me well enough, but I’m not sure I’ll follow it now that I’m up to date. Don Quixote/The Tick is a worthy target to emulate, and there is definitely room for the story to find a groove, but I’m just not sure how well the silliness will work in tiny chunks now that I’ll only be reading a chapter once in a while.

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