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Very Silly in a good way

By Shutsumon, author of Tales of the First

Aug 4, 2010: Oh my! Castle Terribel by John Ball is very, very silly – and I mean that in a good way. This is comic fantasy to the nth degree but balanced by hints of seriousness and a definite plot.


  1. The characters are wonderful. I especially like Nisrioch Cthonique.
  2. Every single part so far has made me laugh at least once – usually more.
  3. In spite of the rampant silliness a plot is emerging and there are hints of trouble ahead. A delicate balancing act which is working so far.


  1. The white text on a black background may be thematically appropriate for a story about a dark lord, but it’s hard on the eyes.
  2. Very occassionally, especially early on, the silliness is a little overdone. This has calmed down as the story progresses however.


Extremely silly in a good way. If you like comedic fantasy you’ll probably like this. Just don’t read it while eating or drinking, or you’ll end up having to clean your screen.

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