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Crunch by More Et Al


In a not too distant future humanity has suffered an epidemic known to most only as Rapture. No corner of the world is safe from this plague and mankind seems primed for extinction. In the wake of this viral chaos, mega corporations spy opportunity and make a grab for power that sees them rise as monarchs of the new age. As proof of their benevolence some of these organizations push an agenda of unerring progress, an agenda for a cleaner, safer, more beautiful future. The city of Delphi now stands in testament to those precepts and at its apex sits Vergeron, a corporation dedicated to the advancement of man into a brighter tomorrow . . . and the advancement of their bottom line. It is here that one of Vergeron’s indentured finest finds himself ensnared in the mechanization of something all together more sinister and far reaching than he can possibly imagine.

Note: Crunch contains some harsh language.

An ongoing series, with new episodes weekly

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Listed: Jul 4, 2018


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