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In the Company of Shadows by Sonny & Ais


In the Company of Shadows is a series about two people who are thrown together as partners in a secret agency; their mission is to disband rebels who have propagated in a post-war future, but they have to deal with everything that comes with an unlikely partnership as well.

Miscommunication, periods of distance, fleeting smiles and learning to trust someone when a person can’t even trust himself, these are what they struggle with while still trying to do their jobs. One is a psychopath, called a murderer and monster and generally deemed subhuman by nearly everyone who knows of him; the other is an introvert, cold and emotionless and so lost in thoughts that he would agree that he can be called a monster of inhumanity. But what makes a person human; is it humanity, compassion, or is it simply the ability to reason? Can a monster be human, and general humanity breed monsters?

While they learn about each other, they learn about themselves; where their loyalty and morality lies, and how learning to trust another person can be incredibly difficult, bittersweet, and rewarding all at the same time.

This is a male/male story about a secret government-run organization that fights rebels in post-WWIII USA. More info on the ICoS background can be found at: http://www.aisylum.com/sonnyais/icos/info.html

Note: In the Company of Shadows contains some graphic sexual content, graphic violence, and harsh language.

A serialized novel, updating infrequently

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Listed: Mar 16, 2011


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Editor’s First Impression

By Chris Poirier, editor

Mar 16, 2011: The pace is pretty slow, but the writing isn’t bad, and things might improve. If the description and tags catch your interest, it’s worth a look.

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Richly Developed Story’verse & Supporting Characters

By Tangerine Haze, member

Mar 16, 2011: I highly recommend this series. It has a well thought out, highly original story’verse. The series already has two complete books with enough side-stories to make another. The third book is due to be released in installments soon.

BACKGROUND: The Cold War never ended, the nuclear arms race continued, and major cities across the world were nuked before an uneasy truce was formed. The three major super-powers were the US, Western Europe, and Russia & China. In the aftermath of WW [more . . .]


No title

By kech, member

Feb 7, 2013: Just Thrilling!!! A book worth reading

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