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Streets Ahead

By Miladysa, editor, author of Refuge of Delayed Souls

Nov 6, 2008: There are two books in the Street Series – Empathy and Clairvoyance.

For a book that fits into the cyberpunk genre – Book One – Empathy – achieved something quite remarkable in my case, it hooked me in and kept me dangling right to the end.

With exceptional writing and fast-paced story lines Empathy should appeal to the majority of fiction readers. I found it exciting, easy to read and although set in the future it was not too far fetched to be a turn off for someone like myself with a preference for other genres.

A great plus was that the author presents believable and interesting characters right from the word go. The fact that I was able to pronounce their names and could almost bump into a Gina, Bomber or Gabriel in the street was a breath of fresh air. The dark mysterious Gabriel intrigued me no end and I could not get enough of him.

By the end of Book One I was as much of an addict as the main character Gina.

Book Two – Clairvoyance is enjoyable although at the moment I am not finding it as interesting or exciting as Empathy. My opinion is prone to change though because the story is still a work in progress.

My main gripe is that some of the characters are developing along what I would refer to as ‘comic book lines’. This development might agree with a lot of readers, may even attract more, but it is not something that I personally enjoy.

The site itself was a little difficult to navigate at first but in the past week or so it has been made easier by the introduction of some additional links. The majority of the home page is taken up by blog like notes from the author and I think that the site could be friendlier to new readers if these were to be replaced by something along the lines of a ‘twitter’. There is no opportunity to comment throughout the story and I missed the opportunity for interaction with the author and other readers. Apart from these tiny niggles I found this site extremely easy on the eyes and exceptionally quick to load.

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