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The Macabre Tale of Edmund Moulde by Nathan Thompson

Edmund never thought he would be adopted. Prospective parents just seemed to walk past him, looking for children with fuller cheeks, ruddier skin, or even just blinked a bit more often. It wasn’t that he minded much—he wouldn’t know what to do with a family. It was just that he had never been beyond the gates of Mrs. . . .

An ongoing series, with new episodes thrice weekly.
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To Be Human by Cait

Gothic horror novel

Bloody earth follows a mysterious, unnamed protagonist during the tumultuous time following the second rebellion of the simple Old Country folk against the empire of Mallogal. However, this world is not as simple as good and evil; both countries have their heroes and villains, even the protagonist who the Old Country townspeople suspect of being their prophetised hero has more . . .

A serialized novel, updating weekly.
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Blut und Rost by Tintenteufel

Diese Stadt . . . ein Sumpf von Schweiß und Sünde. Ein fauliger Ort, nass und klebrig und voller Fliegen, deren Sirren jedem den Verstand raubt. Immer schon rottet sie vor sich hin, Jahrzehnte lang unbeachtet, bis dann und wann ein Anfall von Wut und Wahnsinn sie aufpeitscht. Bis sie das Land mit Gewalt überzieht. Ihr letzter Irrsinn riss sie in Stücke. Gespalten fiel . . .

An ongoing series, with new episodes weekly.
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Vampire Psychology – A Case File by Jamie Travers

This is my story. Believe it, or not, but I have to tell it, just as it happened. . . .

An ongoing blogfic, with new posts thrice weekly.
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Rothramn by Hazel Young

A web serial about a mysterious castle and the people who live there.

Rothramn castle lies deep in the backwoods of Eastern Europe, nestled in a dark valley surrounded by soaring mountain peaks, accessible only by lonely forest roads which lead out of this world and into forgotten places. An impossible monolithic structure of soaring towers and ancient stonework, the castle is home to the inhuman remnants of a once-great aristocratic family. . . .

An abandoned novel.
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Another Night by C.J.S.

The past can never be left behind...

Caroline Belforte’s charmed existence has come to an end. Returning home late one evening, she finds her parents’ beloved estate up in flames, the two of them trapped inside. Though she tries to rescue them, her efforts prove futile. The only clue she has surrounding the fire is a mysterious man with an emerald tie clip. Did she set the . . .

An abandoned series.
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Crazy or vampires? Rambling narrator or author? Same difference

By G.S. Williams, author of No Man An Island

Mar 30, 2012: "Psychology of Vampires" sounded like it would have an interesting premise. A clinical psychologist shares the story of how he came to be a psych patient – there’s every indication that the doctors think he’s crazy but he’s had a vampire encounter. The idea has some merit, in that it sets up a "is he telling the truth or is he crazy" unreliable narrator scenario, whereas most vampire stories are derivative of the horror, hunter and gothic romance tropes.

The story [more . . .]

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