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Random Editorial Review

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A strong start

By Sarah Suleski, editor, author of Sidonie

Feb 12, 2009: I recall reading "Scary Mary" way, way back in the day, when I first started reading web fiction. Yup. I’m talking about a year ago.

Still, "Scary Mary" was indeed one of the first online novels that I read and I remember it fondly. I was excited to see that a sequel is being posted, and so far it’s been just as fun and well written as the first one. It’s even, dare I say, a bit better. Vicky, a character [more . . .]

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Random Member Review

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Fun for all.

By Lucy Weaver, author of Tapestry

Apr 11, 2009: I’ve been following Legion of Nothing since Nick first went out on patrol in his power armor and decided to be a superhero like his granddad after all. This is one of the few superhero stories I really enjoy regularly, perhaps because I’m such a big Batman fan – I adore heroes that use gadgets and brainpower and training when other heroes are running around with super-strength. Nick is a very realistic character in a very realistic sort of world, which is hard to pull off with superheroes that I’ve [more . . .]

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