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Random Editorial Review

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Reading Comic Books — Pow, Bam, Zap!

By Morgan O'Friel, editor

Sep 5, 2008: Shimmer rocks my socks. It has an action-packed plot, interesting characters, and a wealth of superhero lore to support its storylines. Reading through, it’s almost as though I’m viewing one of my favorite comic books—it reads beautifully.

Shimmer also handles some difficult issues, including identity, secrets, family, and gender construction. They’re not just thrown around for the shock factor, but are actually examined in a well-integrated fashion.

The only thing I wasn’t [more . . .]

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Random Member Review

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Join Me Down The Adder Hole

By Ziggy, member

Aug 30, 2009: Opener: Strange. It’s the perfect word to describe this wonderful little serial. The characters, the plot, even the setting are strange. Strangest of all. None of that takes anything away from the story. In fact it makes better! There are so few stories with truly oddball or weird characters as sad as it is to say. That’s probably because it’s hard to write them without letting yourself get strange in the process but in Addergoole, Lyn Thorne-Alder lets herself get weird and downright nuts sometimes to show us the world [more . . .]

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