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A Grey World by Joe


A Grey World follows Alexis, who has gone all out badass. Yeah, her mom’s an abusive druggie and her father is [classified]. Oh, and school’s no better, having a resident psychopath with a grudge.

As a new member of the hitting-people-in-the-head school of therapy, she sets about taking out her problems on the local drug cartel. What could go wrong there? At least she has some shoddy home-made armour . . . 

Note: A Grey World is unfinished, with no recent updates.  It contains pervasive graphic violence and harsh language.

A partial series, with no recent updates

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Listed: Apr 2, 2013

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Editorial Reviews

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Editor’s First Impression

By Palladian, editor, author of Super

May 11, 2013: I was very taken with this story. The thing that comes to mind most as I think over the first eleven chapters that I read is that it rings very true, and it seems to be a very deeply felt tale. The story follows a young woman who’s by turns neglected and terrorized by her drug-addicted mother, and bullied by the popular group at school. The way she moves through her environment, assessing threats and trying to determine what she can safely do and have to avoid is heartbreaking. It rang especially true to me how the protagonist, Alexis, simply soldiers on no matter what happens to her. The only thing she doesn’t know how to deal with is someone being nice to her. The author chose well to make this a first-person narrative, because of the additional sense of immediacy we get as readers.

The only thing I’d like to have seen improved in the story was the sense of the future. The story is set far enough in the future that space travel is common and people seem to live on other planets. That being the case, as an example, I was surprised when Alexis uses as an excuse that she doesn’t have a computer at home. The way computers are becoming miniaturized and internet access is being demanded everywhere, I forsee that it won’t be so long until a full-sized computer could fit into someone’s earring or tie tack (and will probably be given as freebies, like USB drives are today) and basic internet is more like the TV channels everyone is able to get with the appropriate gear (publicly available, with commercials), with more/better bandwidth available at a price. I could see where she might want to stay late at school to use their improved equipment or better bandwidth, but I imagine she’d at least have some sort of basic function computer, even if maybe her internet reception was spotty. At any rate, I like a lot of things about the author’s vision of the future, the inflation and space travel included, but I’d like to see the author let his imagination go a little more for some of the rest of it, especially the day-to-day stuff.

At any rate, I can recommend this story to any reader, especially to anyone who likes strong character studies or stories about abused kids. Even if it doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, I urge you to check it out, because this story is well worth a read.

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Most Helpful Member Reviews

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The story is brutal, honest, and aptly named. Read it.

By Underwhelming Force, author of Sins of the Fathers

Mar 5, 2014: This story had me hooked immediately, following the life of an isolated girl living in a wretched hive where the police don’t dare patrol, going to a school where she’s bullied to an extend it becomes painful to read at points, and going home to a junkie single mother extorting her for cash to get her next fix. It’s dark and gloomy and yet it drew me in immediately, because behind it all was an honesty to the character and the story that makes it one of the more compelling [more . . .]

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This story is everything! Especially awesome.

By Alexander.Hollins, member

Jun 4, 2013: This story should be called Grease, because every time I think I have it pinned down, it slips away! I started reading on a recommendation from a friend, without actually learning what the story was about. There are some obvious Sci Fi furniture from the beginning, but it seemed more of a coming of age story, antagonistic environment drama. Then suddenly, I was in an unpowered Super Hero novel. Now there’s dark science, and more sci fi, and . . . and now we’re twisting into underworld crime thriller. It’s keeping me guessing, and [more . . .]

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Broken Bones, Gunshot Wounds and Heart Wrenching Frienship

By Ski Hemulen, member

Apr 19, 2014: Bottom line: read this story!

A Grey World is the story of Alexis, a young girl who, after suffering extreme neglect at home from a drug addicted mother and severe abuse from bullies at school, decides to go vigilante against the drug dealers who made her life so hellish. This attempt both surprisingly succeeds and goes spectacularly wrong. Broken-bones-gunshot-wounds-torture-in-a-basement kinda-wrong. Through this she finds friends for the first time – only to get them in horrible danger from the backlash of [more . . .]

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