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By Asmora, member

Feb 4, 2013: Shimmer is unabashedly a transgender story. The author goes out of her way to tug at the heartstrings, throwing one challenge after another at the struggling main character as she tries to cope with school, parents, relationships, and supervillains. Virtually every chapter involves twisting the knife a little harder and/or the main character overcoming some of her problems. If you or someone you love is trans, it can be a tough read at some points.

The superhero aspects of the book often feel like backdrop. The focus is on the character’s trans issues, and the superheroic events either serve as vehicles for that element of the story or as brief interludes. It’s all done in a very "traditional" style, utilizing and exploiting the standard tropes of the genre, and most of this is done in a well-thought-out manner that utilizes or defies the reader’s expectations. For instance, when the main character’s double from an alternate universe shows up, rather than prompting a fight against the "evil" twin or involving a call for assistance in the twin’s home universe, it raises some very interesting questions about the nature of the transgender experience.

Shimmer is a good story, and I encourage you to read it. The sporadic update schedule is unfortunate, but life is life and not every author has the freedom to consistently spare the time and effort required to keep up a regular update schedule.

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