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The Zone by Typist kid


A sci-fi story set in the 32nd century.

John had been lying dormant for two years. He was preparing. For something big. Something that would engulf the entirety of the galaxy.

But he knew it wouldn’t be enough. Whatever he did, it wouldn’t be enough. The Event was inevitable.

So he decided to live as much as he could before the Event. He decided to go big, and enrolled himself within the giant that is the Zi school.

But never did he ever think . . . 

A redo. I wasn’t all that smart when I started this.

Note: The Zone contains some graphic violence and harsh language.

A serialized novel, updating twice weekly

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Listed: May 23, 2017


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Sci-Fi at High Speed

By McQueenSerialFantasy, author of Exiles

Mar 8, 2018: It’s evident from the very beginning of the story that the author has a crystal clear picture of the world that the characters inhabit. The setting is original and well-designed, but what struck me the most was its breadth. The author invests a lot of time framing out the cultural patterns of the world: its technology, its criminal elements, its social order, and its government. The result is a rich, tech-focused world that resonates well with the sci-fi bent of the narrative.

[more . . .]

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Highs and Lows of Life in the 32nd Century

By SovereignofAshes, author of The Vorrgistadt Saga

Apr 1, 2018: Disclaimer: This review was done as part of a review swap.

First Impressions: From the first chapter you’ll find yourself reading what seems to be a young adult ‘slice-of-life’ kind of story, but within moments everything changes. You’re plunged into the main character’s stream-of-consciousness right away, seeing what he sees, experiencing what he experiences, and hearing him describe what his tinkered implants tell him about the world. It feels at once like you’re inside his head, but also like he’s telling [more . . .]

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No title

By JohnCalliganWrites, author of Wayfaring Princess

Jan 31, 2018: I really enjoy the setting presented in this book. After having read the first three chapters, I have a real feel for a world full of chaos and potential, order and danger. Technology run amok.

The story follows the adventures of a young cyborg who uses his powerful on-body-computers and technical skill to outfit himself with robotic armor and artificial implants more useful for building and creating than fighting.

Not to say [more . . .]

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