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The zany antics of a cannibalistic murder hobo

By jonnnney, member

May 24, 2017: (First time reviewing)

A story of a power leveling moron with tunnel vision and no morals. A story which is shiny, is tasty, and stole about 4 days of my life. The story starts off small and simple then slowly grows into a bigger and bigger world with intrigues and twists that I personally didn’t see coming. The MC casually commits an absurd level of death and destruction both accidentally and purposefully.

The writing style is an good example of showing rather than telling though sometimes it will get bogged down in details given the high level of video game aspects such as classes, leveling, status screens, HP/MP, skills being chosen at set times via popup window, etc. Even so the telling comes in small doses.

Warning: There is very explicit and violent sexual content in the 3rd and 4th arcs (Urges and Science!!!). There is explicit sexual content peppered throughout the rest of the chapters.

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