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This ain’t Charlotte’s Web

By Tim Holtorf, author of Rocket Fox

Apr 16, 2010: We all have our own revulsion of something in this world. I’ve known people who are absolutely terrified of spiders, yet at the same time demand that they not be harmed.

What’s it like on the other side? How do spiders view us humans, in our glorious homo erectus attitude? Or even our supposed masters, the feline furies also known as domesticated house cats?

In Itsy Bitsy Fritsy we find out just how the spiders view mankind. And we also find out that spiders are really more organized that first thought. Intro Fritsi, a lone spider who is fed up with watching her fellow spiderkind slowly destroyed by man, and cat alike.

Itsy Bitsy Fritsy is blog fiction, as the fourth wall is broken, Fritsi admits her entire war against the human who lives in her, and her spider community’s house, is posted daily (or as she can get to a computer to do so) at the blog. I found myself really feeling for Fritsi and her handful of spider associates. However, Fritsi herself seems self superior, as she feels she is the only one who can rid the house of this human and his fat cat.

There is feeling for Fritsi and her spider associates, as she’ll make mention in some detail of a lost spider friend to the cat, playing up the visual of the feline as some extremely horrifying monster.

The series is fresh and new, and only a few posts have been made, but they are very intriguing and engaging. See what you get when you advertise for a guest blogger and you get a spider?

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