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Kings and Monsters by Adah Biggs

A sideways fairy tale 

When a monster decides to spare the life of a child, he changes the fate of kingdoms, curtails an expanding empire, restores a lost royal dynasty, and most especially, alters his own life forever.

Ja’kh’redd, a monstrous Vidos, was out hunting when he came across an orphaned human child amidst the ruins of a recently destroyed caravan. Taking pity on the ‘human cub’ he saved her, attempting to return her to humankind to grow up among her own.

A decade and a half later, Ja’kh’redd would come across the same human cub once more, this time grown to adulthood . . . and on death’s door. Rescuing her a second time from a fatal wound begins a journey that will take the humble Vidos from the life of a simple hunter to the halls of ancient Kings, the feasting table of conquerors, and into a life he never could have imagined.

Note: Kings and Monsters is unfinished, and will likely remain so.

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By Helen Taft, member

Nov 7, 2009: Kings and Monsters is a fantasy story of a world inhabited by humans and another intelligent species called the Vidos. The physiology of the Vidos is very different from human and so they’re seen as demons, yet their society parallels the humans to a large degree, only with some unique twists. The Vidos society is well described and intriguing; I won’t spoil it for you. The main protagonists are a male Vidos called Ja’kh’redd and a human female that he saved as a small child, and then again as an [more . . .]

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By merr49, member

Nov 22, 2019: This site is dead

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