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Interesting way to read a story

By Linda Schoales, editor

Mar 1, 2010: “Mayan Calendar Girls” is a surreal collection of unconnected chapters that are supposed to make up a story, if you read enough of them. Each chapter is interesting and the characters are fun, but the point of view jumps between chapters and there are few linear links between them. If you don’t mind reading a story in bits and fitting the bits together in your head, you might find the story a lot of fun.

The story seems to be about [more . . .]

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Random Member Review

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No title

By DanWeatherly, author of The New Devil

Feb 5, 2012: The Smell Collector is an odd bit of fiction.

Its central character, Jim Bronson, is fascinating in all his socially awkward, idiosyncratic glory. As the title would suggest, he collects smells. He’s fascinated with his olfactory sense and seems to devote the majority of his time working out the mysteries in everything he smells and determining the physical and chemical makeups of each scent.

He’s a weird guy. And that makes him [more . . .]

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