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Nothing says it’s a good story . . .

By Donna Sirianni, editor

Sep 1, 2008:  . . . like one that makes me want to scream at the computer screen. And in a good way.

Is this your sort of traditional high school story with the freaks and geeks and popular kids all butting heads? Yeah, it appears to do that. But there’s something so much more. It’s like Sabrina the Teenage Witch crossed with The Craft without the obnoxious and over the top elements involved.

It’s a much more [more . . .]

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Random Member Review

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No title

By geisternatur, member

Feb 26, 2017: andy yeh is the mastermind behind re/search/er and as the name suggests he actually is exactly that. he explores and researches a musical universe so varied and surprising, so full of bright and colourful nuances – an audible rainbow with a spectrum of undiscovered tints – it makes you seriously crave to enter it and immerse yourself in this world of unknown melodies and ear-opening concoctions.

his latest project is called futurecults – it is a ‘multi-media ecosystem of stories and [more . . .]

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