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Idiosyncratic & delightful

By Fiona Gregory, editor

Jan 1, 2015: The line in the blurb "This is Fantasy, as you know it, but yet unfamiliar, and fantasy stranger still than that" is a pretty accurate description of the contents of Fabled Hearts. The stories take place in a shared world, actually a series of worlds, and range in length from a few pages to multiple chapters. My impression of these worlds is that magic is the very essence of their composition, the way atoms are of ours. The inhabitants, humanoid to varying degrees or not at all, vary in power [more . . .]

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Random Member Review

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Highly Recommended

By prakar, member

Oct 20, 2015: This book is brilliant!!! Could not stop reading and was late to work because I overslept.

The core characters are created very well with Garovel being one of my all time favorites. The personalities and quirks are slowly introduced making it quite easy to imagine the characters as well as their interactions.

I quite enjoy the pace of the story and find that, on the most, the author does justice to an [more . . .]

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