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The Tales of Paul Twister by Anthony Peers

The misadventures of a guy from Earth, stuck in a fantasy world

An ordinary geek from modern-day Earth finds himself suddenly transported to a fantasy world where magic is real, and then discovers that he has the ability to break magic with a touch. Because his modern upbringing leaves him with very little in the way of relevant skills for a low-tech world, he becomes a mercenary thief who specializes in stealing . . .

An ongoing series, with new episodes sporadically.
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Awesome story, needs moar updates!

By bobfrank, member

Nov 7, 2015: I’ve been following The Tales of Paul Twister for a couple years now, and when I found out about Web Fiction Guide I decided to submit it, because it’s a great serial that deserves wider exposure.

The protagonist is a college student from modern-day America who one day suddenly found himself transported from his home in Seattle to the middle of nowhere in a fantasy world, with no real explanation provided about how or why it happened. The story opens about [more . . .]

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