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Beauty, grit, and song

By Sarah Suleski, editor, author of Sidonie

Sep 1, 2008: When I first I click on a link to web serial it’s without any intention of reading it right then and there. I just want to have a nose around the site, scan a few paragraphs, look at some pictures if there are any, and decide if it’s of interest to me and how soon I may return to read further.

I did that with City of Roses and after an hour found that I had read all of Act One and was utterly captivated. The prose flows effortlessly, like a song, and the beauty of it juxtaposes brilliantly with the grit and grunge of the city and characters. I rarely come away from a dirty urban setting feeling as if I’ve just lilted through a Shakespearian sonnet but City of Roses gives me just that illusion, without being boring or sluggish in an over fascination with its own narration. The story moves, the characters come alive, and the world sucks you in with its mysterious alternate reality adventure.

As for that story itself, you need know no more than the summary tells. I clicked through just to see the site design and having no other knowledge of the serial, found myself drawn into it like a fly happily entrapped in the writer’s web.

Stop reading this review. Go read the story. Read it. Go. Now. What is the matter with you? Why are you still here?

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