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A romance fans’ delight!

By Tartra, author of The Other Kind of Roommate

Jan 23, 2015: As I was very clear to mention in the pile of comments I left among the chapters (writers beware: I am a chatterbox, and I will swamp you with a dozen things to have to moderate if I’m going through your stuff), I am not a romance reader. And this is a romance.

Granted, it seems like a good one, and it doesn’t start out that way. The first chapter is a testament to Eren’s ability to write a character whose supposed problems aren’t just offhand quirks, but legitimate issues that impact her life. Every aspect of Abigail’s day has something horrible tied to it: can’t stand alarms, so she has to get up extra early; can’t stomach conversation, so she blurts stories about cannibals; can’t leave people waiting, but also can’t stand open spaces, what is she going to do when her fears conflict?

It’s seriously entertaining.

I like Abigail’s anxiety. This is written in first-person, which has, in my experience, been a painstaking test of patience as the main character chews on the scenery for anything to pad the narrative with. Abby, meanwhile, can go in a dozen different directions, leaving the reader feel as if a hundred things were accomplished instead of treading water. That was a great force behind my flips through the chapters. Unfortunately, they started winding down when the ‘real’ plot kicked in.

This is ultimately a supernatural romance. Once that starts up, plain Jane Abby and her mortal problems are taken out of the spotlight to instead have her continuously reflect on the revelations she’s run into. With that, in creeps my ‘chewing the scenery first person’ concern, where there’s just such a raw focus on being amazed that she more or less forgets (not altogether!) that, oh yeah, everything is horrifying. That’s not to say the quality dips – it’s written quite well all the way through! I’m impressed by how polished the story is. My thing is that the story’s tone changes. It’s foreshadowed, it’s properly explained, but in the end, it swings too far from ‘Supernatural’ to ‘Romance’ for me to stick with it. By chapter 18, I respectfully bowed out because it stopped being my thing.

And that’s how it goes, isn’t it? The public has many different views. I can’t stress enough how well written it is, and if you are a romance fan, this is your thing. The awkward date, the retreat back to the apartment, the expert flirt of a friend brokering the relationship to start with all fit the ol’ love puzzle that are subjectively – different strokes for different folks – lost on me. It became a little too focused on the guy and how he was sweeping her off her feet when I wanted more of the, "WHAT THE HELL IS IN MY APARTMENT THIS IS BAD VERY BAD" panic I thought we were leading to. Pet peeve: it got oddly sexual at times.

All in all, I would certainly recommend this to a romance fan, and only warn them to hang in until the romance ‘starts’ (there’s a bit of a wait, as there is to the supernatural half of the plot). Until then – even through then – there’s enough fun to be had by all. I give it four stars for that and for its quality. This is one you want to follow!

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