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North of Happenstance by Amber Laura

This serial tale will chronicle the lives of three women who form an unlikely, but certainly unforgettable, bond of friendship, love, and forgiveness. Lost, alone, or starting-over, their paths cross—and the story actually begins—in the small (made-up) town of Whestleigh, Connecticut. Here, together, they find themselves . . . by finding one another. In essence, North of Happenstance can best be summed up . . .

A serialized novel.
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Intertwined Lives by Shannon Haddock

There's more to life than being a hero all the time.

Intertwined Lives isn’t your typical space opera. It’s a look at ordinary life in a space opera setting. It’s about what heroes do when they’re not saving the day. It’s about the younger siblings and kids of heroes and their struggles with everyday problems . . . with futuristic twists. It’s about love. It’s about family. It’s about life. . . .

A serialized novel, with no recent updates.
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Fake words ahoy captain!

By Alexander.Hollins, member

Mar 29, 2015: Kardashians meets Gene’s Family Jewels meets Star Trek. That’s the best quick blurb I can think of for this story. Tri Galaxies is basically a journal of the lives of several well off movers and shakers of the galaxy. The viewpoint swaps back around between a few characters, noted mostly by the name of the chapter. The writing isn’t too bad, but there’s very little voice difference between the characters. A few typos of the grammatical sort (there their, ect) but not really enough to distract. My only real complaint [more . . .]

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