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A time-passer, but not much

By Savannah, member

Apr 26, 2011: While the pace is slow and the excitement is limited to as much as the equivalent of a high-five on a happy day, this story is worth a look. Its a nice little trinket to take around for a busy day’s lunch break, when you just want to relax and rest your brain. This book isn’t one of the more interesting types, but its a nice getaway just before bed or right after a long hectic day. If you’re going to the beach, then bring it along also – helps to pass the time. The story is about some teenagers that tell a tale of seven days in their life. Nothing special happens, and (except for the fact that the characters are furry fox/dog creatures) the novel doesn’t highlight anything out of the ordinary for a teenager that’s aging in a cold high school system. A nice little bedtime story, at most.

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