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Pow! Slam!

By Sonja Nitschke, editor

Jul 26, 2008: Caveat: the story is still being updated regularly, so review subject to change on future installments.

Legion of Nothing is about superheroes – both kinds: mutants and those that rely on technology and their own brains.

They even come in costumes.

There’s plenty of everything: humor, conflict, action sequences, a hint of romance, and even intrigue.

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Random Member Review

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definitely a good one

By Jaytro4, member

Jul 30, 2009: I read lots of fiction online, and I thoroughly enjoy tamao . . . Especially as I started reading it on a trip to Japan about 6 months ago. He always updates on time, and the story is really unusual. Occasionally the story gets over-involved with describing one aspect of the plot (taking 6 or 7 updates to describe a similar series of events when two or three would suffice), but it’s still a great read and I love his imagery. The heroine of the story is fantastically flawed (read: very human), which always [more . . .]

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