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Random Editorial Review

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At first glance, it’s solid, new-friends fiction

By Chris Poirier, editor

Oct 6, 2008: Note: I’m reviewing Dawnwalker now, after only 5 chapters, as we have a bit of a backlog of reviews, presently. I will rewrite this review later, once I’ve had time to finish the whole novel. Something I will definitely be doing.

Dawnwalker is a nice, pleasant, modern fiction read. The story follows Randy, Crystal, and Myleigh, three university students at Northern Michigan University in 1995. Crystal and Myleigh are roommates, while Randy is taking some kayaking lessons from Crytal, an uber-jock [more . . .]

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Random Member Review

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short, different, interesting

By ola bishop, member

Mar 31, 2017: interesting experimental piece—not quite sure if it works entirely, but it has a cool premise. A little bit overwritten, a little bit rough on the eyes due to lack of standard paragraphs, but it nevertheless gains momentum as the story progresses. the intermix of various reports help provide an interesting layer of verisimilitude, and also support and underscore the specific time and place in which these events occur.

not typically my cup of tea, but once i was into it, it [more . . .]

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