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Random Editorial Review

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Psychological Drama

By Fiona Gregory, editor

Apr 8, 2013: The blurb makes it sound like this story is going to be a polemic against student loan debt. It’s not that at all. In fact, his debts are only one of the reasons Anthony Stephens decides he doesn’t want to be in his life anymore. But rather than suicide, he opts for pseudicide – faking his own death. Now, there’s a few dangers associated with pseudicide. One is you could end up really dead. Another is that someone who helps you could take the fall.

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Random Member Review

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Phule’s Company meets Firefly Meets Void Dogs.

By Alexander.Hollins, member

Feb 16, 2011: Fans of Phule’s Company, rejoice! We have a replacement. Pay Me Bug is the story of a decrepit crew of miscreants, making a living trading in space, usually goods of the illegal variety. The characters are three dimensional, with their own speech patterns and quirks. The writing and dialogue flow and pull you along. And the jokes keep you laughing. As a fan of the author’s webcomic, I read Pay Me Bug thinking to myself, please don’t suck, please don’t suck! And it does not suck, in the slightest. Give [more . . .]

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