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Random Editorial Review

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More than it appears to be…

By Stormy, editor, author of Require: Cookie

Aug 20, 2008: (Review written after reading chapters 1-3.1).

The "stalker" element in chapter one was kind of off-putting, particularly as the sensible thing to do when someone is bothering you is threaten them with a restraining order and/or go to the cops. It also had an unpleasant "Twilight" connotation to it.

By the end of a rather slow chapter one, it really rockets off – if it was a movie, this is the point [more . . .]

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Random Member Review

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If you’re having a dreadful day, you can take solace in the fact that Ressen probably has it worse than you.

By Maromar, author of Mystic Nan

Jun 6, 2017: “Fortress Seven” promises an underdog story and delivers just that, at least, from what’s posted as of now. Dumped memoryless into the ruins of a village with nothing but leather bracers and a broken sword to hunt rabbits with is rather close to “as screwed as you can get” for the genre. After days of dancing the waltz of primordial man, his first encounter with civilization very nearly kills him. He later finds himself talentless for magic that everyone and their grandmother has at least some access to, possibly the [more . . .]

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