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Thalia would approve

By Fiona Gregory, editor

Aug 10, 2011: When I was a teen, I went through an ancient Greek mythology phase. This would have been a major geekfest for me then, and even now I really appreciate seeing the Greek gods getting some love, when the current vogue tends to run to Celtic or East European mythology.

It’s a very rich vein! and I can assure readers, although the tone of these tales is light and playful, as befits their narrator, the author really knows her Greek mythology. She [more . . .]

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Random Member Review

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I want to see this author get global recognition. Stat.

By Rika Covenant, member

Apr 1, 2013: Note: This was originally posted on April 1st, but is NOT a joke review.

I just finished reading what’s avaiable of this masterpiece over a period of three days, on and off- Over a million words to date, and I’m a fast reader- and I have to say I’d put Worm up there with Jim Butcher’s, Sandy Mitchell’s, Isaac Asimov’s, or Brandon Sanderson’s work, easily (For those who somehow are reading this but don’t recognize the names, those authors might be [more . . .]

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