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Pretty Interesting

By linnil, member

Jun 1, 2017: This story have many of the same old trope which will be find in the other familiar fantasy story of chosen hero fighting the villain/demon king. But it playing its right.

You can say god and devil in this world are like the author of the story. They choose the person and play the same old trope again and again for some amusement or conflict they have. They set the rule for it to make this world into story. So with reader perspective, you can predict what gods and evils rule will play the plot into the further chapters.

Our heroine who choose the evil side to play right part is a new kind in this story. With this kind of role and goal, she must play against this old trope of the plot from both god and evil side. Which is . . . making her into the struggle play from the start until finish. You can really say our Catherine has charisma as a main character. It’s fun to see how she can get her way out of this plot of the story.

But she isn’t some super cheat as I state before, so the other characters will have a role to make her plan go forward. Everyone have a stand of their own.

The other character I like is Black Knight as Catherine teacher, he is very complex and interesting. I am eager to know what plan he have make ahead for his opponent. He is too cryptic to guess.

This story is not always told what really going on for the characters part or action out right which make me confuse some time. Or maybe my vocabulary is just super bad and make me read the sentence wrong.

All in all this story is pretty good, I recommend it!

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