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Enjoyable light military-political fantasy with a ‘villain’ protagonist and the dial labeled "META" going up to eleven

By Naeddyr, member

Jul 20, 2017: In a world fought over by the forces of Good and Evil, the Kingdom has finally been conquered by the Empire and a girl saves up money in underground fighting rings to join the Legions and change the system from inside.

Except she meets the big, bad Black Knight and gets to Choose which side she’s on: the seemingly benign, but not-too-keen on too much freedom-of-the-mind Good, or the social darwinistic / anarchic Evil.

Cat leaps at the opportunity and becomes a Villain called the Squire, and it’s all Heroes and fighting and politics and exploding goats from then on.

Though it’s a "villain"-story, don’t be too worried whether it goes too far. Most of the story is solidly normal territory, with death and gore and so forth, but truly disgustingly evil things are left off-screen for other characters in other places if even that. Cat and her entourage don’t perform war-crimes or torture people for fun or other things you know I’m alluding to, which basically puts the level of villainy present in the story a bit higher than that of a more serious Saturday morning cartoon.

It’s gripping and well-written, with actual plot structure and progress as the story goes on, and the characters are all great. Very recommended.

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