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Short on plot, long on plot armor.

By Not_A_Hat, member

Aug 7, 2017: I’m starting to get frustrated with this. I’m probably three arcs or so in, and the MC was just assigned to a unit in a desperate position, which she somehow manages to rally and achieve a stunning victory, despite being up against someone with better troops, positioning, experience, and skills. Mostly by pulling stupid plans out of her ass that just so happen to work, because reasons.

Which really illustrates my biggest problems with this story. There’s some handwavium about how ‘names are stories’ to make it somewhat sensible, but the ‘plot’ (such as it is) seems to mostly run on author fiat, and most of that seems to be about only allowing the MC to have a brain license, and then layering on the plot armor.

Maybe it gets better later, but I’m not sure I’ll make it that far.

On the other hand, the worldbuilding is alright (if a bit heavy-handed) and the characters are moderately engaging, if very heavily archetyped. Which makes some sense in-world, but still.

The spelling and grammar aren’t bad, but the phrasing can occasionally be very rough. Nixed it in bud? Asses in gear – in a world with no engines? I dunno, stuff like that tends to jerk me out of the story.

I’ve definitely read worse, but the annoyances are starting to pile up.

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