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If this is wrong I don’t want to be right.

By Stable, author of The Archive Of Unusual Events

Jun 30, 2016: This story hits every fantasy trope the author can find, several times, with a stick, then picks them up, rifles through their pockets and steals their girlfriend.

So, first we have to suspend disbelief on one vital but annoying trope which is done straight: we have to believe a young girl is also the baddest pit fighter in town . . . yeah . . . 

OK, that done with, the plot picks her up and she is soon hanging around with The Black Knight and seductive Dread Empress. Our anti-heroine is repeatedly thrown into unwinnable situations and comes out mostly on top through a combination of brains, stubborness, scrappyness and occasionally simple unwillingness to lose – and a little luck here and there. These are what make this story great, super plot-powers aside she has to fight and earn everything she gains.

The tagline is "Doing Wrong Right" (it’s from memory, hope I got that right) and this tension is at the heart of the story. Being capital-E Evil does not seem to mean you have to be a bad person in this universe, although it does seem to lead to a certain ends-justifies-the-means philosophy. Likewise the Good are often pretty heartless themselves.

The writing itself is solid and the plot engaging. It does not always go where you expect the story to and that is wonderful. Finally, each chapter is headed by a quote, often from one of the Dread Emperors, and these are often hilarious.

This is one of the three web serials that I allow into my inbox so that I absolutely cannot miss an update. In my personal opinion it’s fantastic and more people should be reading it.

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