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Vikings, sea monsters and wicked love – A Raveling Night by E.M Redshaw

By Storyworldofem, author of A Raveling Night

Mar 28, 2019: A Raveling Night is the book I’ve always wanted to read.

Viking clans in constant rivalry, underdogs, warriors, found families, magic, (anti)heroes with sad and dark pasts, forbidden love stories, mythology inspired by my norse ancestors, a fantasy apocalypse, dragons, sea monsters, toxic family relationships and wonderful family relationships . . . 

It’s a story about finding where you belong in a world that wishes you dead.

About being different, fighting adversity, finding home, and loving yourself for who you are. About weak people that become strong.

They told me that if you don’t see the book you want to read in the shelf, you need to write it yourself.

A Raveling Night is ultimately the most perfect book I know, because I wrote it. I’m kidding, it’s not perfect.

But it’s everything I’ve always wished for in a fantasy story about vikings, sea monsters and wicked love.

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