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There should be a sixth star…

By Linton Robinson, member

Oct 7, 2009: ..for works of this . . . "magnitude"?  . . . "scope"?  . . . "unfreakingbelievability"?

It’s hard to articulate the impact of this serial (which comes in a packet of several more excellent and formatically mind-blowing serials, by the way). It just goes so far beyond what the others are doing.

I won’t bother listing what others have noted here (the bio and studies of the films of the fictional author, the pictures and videos, etc.) Suffice it to say it;s not so much a novel as a way of life.

The story itself is hard to nail down. My first thought was "Wild Palms" or maybe "Southland Tales" . . . sprawling, involved stories that have you saying "WTF is this thing".

There’s no real way to review this. I’m just ordering you to click on the link and take a look at a major paramount in web fiction.

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