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Hooked Reader

By GreenGlass, member

Aug 4, 2009: Just looking for the next story to devour? Give this one a try. It has substance. Someone posted that they were hooked after Chapter 2. I started at the beginning and found myself impressed after awhile. It was indeed getting good. I went back to the top of the page to see how long it had taken me to get hooked.

Chapter 3. 😉

After finishing the archives, this story got under my skin and won’t leave. I read everything the site had to offer, and currently I’m relying on forum conversations and reread value in between posts! Just going about my day I’ll find myself thinking about the story, wondering what will happen and what will be revealed.

I think this is because I am fascinated by the main characters (I am impressed by one, emotionally attached to another, and admire the third as a kindred personality) and the setting, even as I try to decide whether or not I wish this school and its students were real.

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