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A coming of age story for fae beings

By MJones, member

Feb 25, 2010: Addergoole was one of the first weblit series I sunk my brain into, and it has been a wonderful ride ever since. With an eerie mixture of fae folklore and dark sexuality, Addergoole is like a dark version of Harry Potter for grown-ups, the story comprised of its monsters instead of its wizards.

The story has a large scope, with a vast array of characters, but the focus on a few helps bring the story into coherence. There are a few times where lesser characters are brought to the fore, and I found it was difficult to follow what was happening with them without reading the side stories first. The story’s main characters are well fleshed out, and the tensions between them is smouldering in intensity. It’s interesting to see the evolution of the characters as they become more comfortable with their otherworldly abilities and physical shapes, but I would like a bit more description of their appearance, especially for lesser characters who are difficult at times to visualize.

One of the special charms of Addergoole is how the mystery itself is not only a plot device, but is its own character within the series. There is an undercurrent of fear that keeps the tension building, the feeling that we don’t know who is really dangerous and who isn’t, who is good and who is the enemy. The lines all blur into a steady stream of grey as we discover that everyone at Addergoole has a dangerous component, from the mysterious Mentors to the students and their often frightening interactions.

The sexual tension between Shahin and Emrys is by far my favourite aspect of Addergoole. Theirs is a dark love story that plays with the themes of hot and cold, being ‘owned’ and being an ‘owner’. The push and pull of their relationship is fraught with power undercurrents that go well beyond simple human sexuality, and delves into deeper themes of incredibly powerful beings and their uneven interactions with each other.

I find the side stories difficult to follow, but then this is my own failing since I am a very linear reader who doesn’t like hopping through different storylines without having read the core story first. The frequency of the updates are appreciated, however, and the pacing of Addergoole is expertly episodic and leaves the reader hungry for more. Addergoole is not a web serial you start on a whim—It hooks you in immediately, and its mystery will keep you coming back for a teasing fix and shaking in withdrawal until the next episode is posted.

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