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Well-paced, well-written dark fantasy

By nomesque, author of Nomesque Fiction

Apr 12, 2009: Imagine the faery world colliding with a futuristic upper high (or college prep, depending on where you live) school, with some hints of science fiction and a taste of anime thrown in for good measure. That describes Addergoole for me.

The school itself is far underground – a secret facility. Its students are part human, part . . . something else. The melodrama and bitchiness of elder teen-hood are there in spades, but woven through it is a sinister, tempting thread. It seems capricious and lacking in compassion rather than truly cruel. The newest students are deliberately kept ignorant of what’s really going on, but they feel the intrigue knotting all around them. Will they give themselves up to the status quo – whatever the hell it is – or rebel? What the hell do these folk even want from the newest intake?

I couldn’t help being drawn into this story – as the paragraphs above probably show. It’s well-written, well-paced, and the balance between sexual overtones and actual sexual content seems good. The writer neither avoids sex scenes (but warns of explicit content beforehand) nor uses them with abandon. It’s darker than I’d tend to go for, but I found it so enjoyable that I didn’t care.

Negatives? I’m a little peeved that there’s no RSS feed of any type for the site – I like to be notified when a new instalment of a favourite is available, and I like all notifications in the one place, my feed reader.

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