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Adergoole School

By Sarah Suleski, author of Sidonie

Feb 27, 2009: Update: Since I first reviewed the listing there have been hundreds more chapters added and it has undergone a site redesign. My original review is left intact below but note that the site is much nicer looking now.

Feb 27 2009

Currently Adergoole stands at 12 chapters. It is off to a solid start, introducing its cast of characters and world-building at a pace that is neither too-much-at-once confusing, nor too-little-too-late boring. The underground school and the larger society hinted at are intriguing.

Fans of stories like Tales of MU (modern/au/fantasy set in a school, with sexual themes) should enjoy this serial. That said, it’s proven so far to have its own originality and is worth a look even if you’re not the biggest fan of ToMU. The sexual elements are present, but have not (so far) gone overboard into tiring porn. The characters are interesting, well drawn, and I enjoyed being in their viewpoints.

There is a smattering of typos in the text, but overall the writing is good. I found the background color, a somewhat violent teal, to be difficult on the eyes, though. The pink background for the special Valentine’s Day story was better, mainly because it was a gradient rather than a solid. Still, I was able to read through the archives without having to disable the style, so it wasn’t a huge drawback.

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