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Forget Hogwarts. I’m going to Addergoole!

By tenaciousN, author of Strange Little Band

Jul 31, 2009: When I first heard about "Addergoole," I was skeptical. Another magical college/coming of age story? It was highly recommended, so I gave it a try.

Chapter one got me intrigued, despite my dislike of Shahin*. By the end of chapter two I was hooked. I devoured all of the available chapters during a long plane ride. Monday can’t come soon enough!

The other reviewers have pretty much expressed my opinion of Addergoole so far, so I won’t add much more here. The mysterious school seems to be a microcosm of Thorne-Alder’s alternate earth: dark, multi-layered, and nuanced. I’m as intrigued by the supporting characters—teachers and students alike—as the protagonists. There’s a hidden war brewing, and it’s hard to tell yet who’s on which side. Even better, there’s no clear good and evil. Everything in Addergoole is shades of gray, which is so much more satisfying.

  • Great character, but I don’t have to like her!

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