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Adventures in the Pirate Continent by sean arnold

A World of Mystery and Wonder! 

Dylan’s gap year is going great, yes her cruise ship was sunk by some sort of ancient evil sea monster and she had to spent a lot of time nearly starving to death. But she’s doing better now she lives in a world of mystery and wonder! In The Pirate Continent! She made new friends and is only almost killed now by Vikings and every once a while Nazis.

A serialized novel, updating weekly

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Listed: Dec 12, 2017


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I have no idea what this is, but I LOVE IT!

By revfitz, author of Existential Terror and Breakfast

Dec 14, 2017: Full disclosure: This is part of a review swap with the author of the serial.

This was some of the most fun reading I have had in a while. Was this because of the complex, yet timeless story? Was this because of the deep and interesting characters that easily won over my emotional investments? Was this because it was good?

A giant NO to all of the above.

[more . . .]

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Oh my god. Just… oh my god.

By Rhythm, author of Touch

Dec 13, 2017: Wow, where do I even start? You NEED to read this. Oh my GOD you need to read this. For so many reasons.

Saying that, I need to point out that my recommendation is not because this is a good story. There are elements you will struggle with. The grammar is horrible, the syntax is worse, and every chapter is in dire need of an edit. No joke, I found chapter ten legitimately unreadable. But if you can look past that, [more . . .]

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No title

By JohnCalliganWrites, author of Winoc the Traveler

Dec 13, 2017: The action pops along very quickly. The author trusts you to follow your intuition about the appearance of a few things, for the benefit of moving the action faster.

There were some decent gags in there as well. I appreciate it.

[more . . .]

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