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I have no idea what this is, but I LOVE IT!

By revfitz, author of Existential Terror and Breakfast

Dec 14, 2017: Full disclosure: This is part of a review swap with the author of the serial.

This was some of the most fun reading I have had in a while. Was this because of the complex, yet timeless story? Was this because of the deep and interesting characters that easily won over my emotional investments? Was this because it was good?

A giant NO to all of the above.

Adventures in the Pirate Continent, as of this writing, is one of my most favorite things on the internet. Yet, it is full of errors (either honest mistakes or put there on purpose), anachronistic inconsistencies, and a total and complete disregard for the mental health of the reader. I’m not fully sure if I can tell you what it was about.

This is what I CAN tell you:

Each chapter is VERY short, possibly only a few hundred words or so. This makes for a very quick read. The absolute irreverence that haunts these chapters had one of two effects on me as I read with an equal footing of each. One effect: it came off as very charming, with some genuinely witty moments strewn throughout an audacious amount of apathy. The other effect: the grand amount of errors nearly scared me away to greener pastures on the internet.

I have a haunting suspicion that a lot of the poor execution in this serial is purposeful. The rest of the site, "Camelot Magazine", mirrors a lot of this anarchist behavior and has no less than a couple dozen "writers" ranging from Bigfoot to "The hooded figure". If this is true, and this serial was written with no regards to safety or rational thinking, than I would rate it higher, but it is equally possible that the author simply needs a spell check. If you have time to kill, it is good for a laugh, both as a genuinely witty humor and a cringe worthy disaster.

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