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Very Original with a Vast World of Possibilites

By DanWeatherly, author of The New Devil

May 13, 2016: It says "Dystopian Steampunk Serial" at the top of the website, but that description doesn’t really do it justice. Adventures in Viktorium dips into many more genres than those.

Its main strength is its detailed world. Rarely have I come across a web serial with a premise that has been so thoroughly planned out. The main benefit of the carefully designed setting is that there are so many different directions the story can go. There’s so much plot to be had and with so many possibilities it’s difficult for me to even guess at where things are headed.

The characters are also varied and richly drawn. Igor, the young villain introduced in the first chapter, is chilling and unforgettable. Lucien, our protagonist’s friend of questionable motives, and Severo, an inscrutable young man who appears to have some psychic ability, are other favorites. And by the looks of the "Cast and Factions" page, there are a few people we haven’t gotten to know very well just yet.

All of this, of course, is wrapped up in skilled storytelling and crisp dialogue. Adventures in Viktorium is part dystopian, part steampunk, part sci-fi, part fantasy, part ghost story, part just-about-everything, and I’m excited to see where it goes next.

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