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By MedleyMisty, author of In the Valley of the Sun

Jul 17, 2010: I have been a member of the Sims story community for five years. So I came to Alice & Kev as a regular reader and writer of Sims stories. And yes, the medium has a history and a culture and quite a few genres and traditions and tropes.

The idea came from a Sims 2 gameplay challenge, and the story reads like a well-written serious challenge story in the observational style with some touches of plot and characterization.

The pictures are good and show knowledge of the in game camera. They do show the plumbbobs and speech and thought bubbles, but that’s obviously intentional and referenced in the captions for the pics. Later on in the story, in the entries that are only pictures, there are some beautiful shots of the scenery of the game.

It is touching and I think the characters are well drawn. But in the end, it’s just an observational challenge story. A good one, with correct grammar and spelling and interesting commentary and important social ideas, but I don’t feel that it transcends its genre.

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