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A Stepping Stone Into A New World

By Drew Daniels, editor

Jul 22, 2008: Alisiyad is/was one of my favorite webnovels from the start, to the point of me borrowing the site design and layout for my own novel.

The story is about two ordinary people thrust into an extraordinary circumstance. It starts out simple enough with two people who are outwardly contemptuous with one another while (at least one of them) secretly longs to simply be around the other.

The prose is beautifully written. I generally have a bad habit of rewriting other author’s sentences in my head to make it flow better in my mind, but I rarely had to do that with Alisiyad as Sarah was extremely quick to fix the errors that were pointed out to her.

I will admit that there are parts that seemed as if they should have been drawn out longer, but its more of an afterthought because I can tell you that while reading Alisiyad, I was constantly chomping at the bit for more, frequently finding myself disappointed at the lack of a "Next" link.

The supporting cast can seem a bit blurry at times, though this may have to do with the fact that Russ and Liseli are more concerned with getting themselves out of their predicament.

The author herself openly engages her readers in conversation, responding to most if not all of the comments that are left.

I don’t really know what else to say about this story except that I believe it to be a Web-Novel landmark.

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