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A riveting story

By Donna Sirianni, editor

Jul 21, 2008: I was hooked on this story immediately. The characters are instantly relatable and the situations they’re in I know can hit home to so many people, especially the burgeoning relationship between the two main characters. This isn’t a heavy fantasy piece so if you’re looking for flaming swords and sorcerers, you’re barking up the wrong tree. I would say this is a mild, or light, fantasy, where there is magic about the world Liseli and Russ come across but it’s subtle and part of everyday life, something that’s kept in the background that isn’t necessarily central to the plot. It’s more about the characters and their situations than what they can do with otherworldly powers.

The world that’s been created is no doubt dynamic and Sarah’s obviously spent a large amount of time building it up. The effort that’s gone into the world building is something that I’d like to see every fantasy author command because the stories would be all the better for it.

The interactions of the characters can be, at times, intense and I found some of them, especially between Liseli and Russ, rather annoying but I wouldn’t go so far as to say I didn’t like them. They definitely had their endearing moments but there were certainly times when I just wanted to smack them both. That can certainly factor into the talent of the author, to evoke such strong emotions about characters. And her consistency with every single one of them is magnificent and unfaltering. Liseli remains true to herself throughout the entire story, as does Russ although we watch them grow along the way.

Not much to complain about on the technical side. There’s a bit of head-hopping in the beginning but that dwindles as the novel goes on. A very positive sign for the growth of the author as a writer. Her writing gets stronger as the story goes on and it’s always amazing to see writing transform for the better as it does here.

This is another "don’t miss" novel. You’d be sorely missing an excellent story if you were to bypass this work. It’s a piece like this that other web novelists should strive to emulate. The level of professionalism and the drive for perfection in her work is evident and she has the readership to prove that she’s obviously doing something right.

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