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Another old reading

By EramosE, author of Kaiserin

Oct 24, 2013: I read this a few years ago, and really loved it. I think it deserves a review.

This story is about Liseli and Russ, two people who are not happy with their lifes, working in a burger restaurant, caught in routine, being miserables until something extraordinary happens to them and they end up in another world. After Liseli and Russ found themselves in a new, strange world, they start falling in love with each other (or finally being aware of that love), while they try to find a way to get back to their own world and get caught in a mystery surrounding a river, a misunderstanding that’s cost them dearly and an evil plan gone wrong and leaves them dealing with a god (in that order if I remember correctly).

At first I really hated them (Liseli and Russel), maybe because they were so flawed and real, but I saw the characters growing through the story and started to enjoy them. The story has so many twists and changes of pace that keeps you entertained and engaged. Sarah has a gift for writing, she makes reading her stories a pleasure.

I really recommend you to give Alysiyad a try that if you have the chance .

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