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Other Worlds

By Sonja Nitschke, editor

Jul 8, 2008: Alisiyad is a story, first and foremost, about people. Our protagonists have stumbled into another world and they are trying to get home. It’s not easy creating a world different from our own, but Sarah does it well, successfully including bits of history and myth without overshadowing the plot.

As Liseli and Russ travel through Alisiyad, they encounter experiences along the way that are sometimes good and sometimes grim. Sarah doesn’t flinch from the darker aspects of Alisiyad, but instead faces them head on—at times, it is truly perilous and unsettling. But, in the midst of their journey, Liseli and Russ grow realistically and beautifully.

The writing is good—Sarah flows smoothly between Russ’s and Liseli’s points of view. The secondary characters are strong and three dimensional, adding to the story instead of just supporting the plot.

When the story ended, I wanted more.

The site design is easy to read and to navigate, which is always a plus.

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