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Andraste by Albert Ruckholdt


When the life of the young Archduke of the land of Caldera, is saved in battle by a girl wielding a tremendous power newly gifted upon her, the encounter triggers a sequence of events that will irrevocably change the lives of the people around them, and forever reshape the balance of power across the lands of the Northern Continent, on a world watched over by the technologically advanced, enigmatic, and benevolent Archons.

Wandering into the midst of a battle between the lands of Caldera and Kaitain, Fallon encounters Falken Claymore, the Archduke of Caldera, beset by enemies and moments from death. She chooses to save his life by summoning her Warlord, a powerful yet unconventional armor that grants her the power to defeat his opponents, despite her inability to use it to its full potential.

With the battle ending in Caldera’s favor, Falken seeks to take responsibility for Fallon, bringing her home with him to the mountain-citadel of Calandor. But his desire to protect and nurture her into a fully fledged Khan — an officially acknowledged Meister of a Warlord — places him at odds with the people close to him, and risks his engagement to the daughter of the royal family of a neighboring land.

However, it is the arrival of representatives of the Khan Orden, which oversees all individuals gifted with Warlords, that brings matters to a head, and forces Falken into choosing between his heart and his duty to the people of Caldera.

Note: Andraste contains some graphic violence.

A serialized novel, updating weekly

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Listed: Jan 3, 2016


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