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AndTheAdventureContinued by TearlessNevermore


Welcome to AndTheAdventureContinued by me, TearlessNevermore. This is my first attempt at creating a fantasy webserial with superpowers.

It may be funny, it may be sad and at times there may be moderate amounts of violence and sarcasm. I will endeavour to avoid punning where possible but it may be inevitable on occasion.

The setting is Nevearth, specifically the five Kingdoms of Tuaiscearn, Descern, Dusern, Rosern and Larel.

The story follows Jim, who is trying to become an adventurer, a travelling warrior who helps people and makes lots of money (if they’re lucky). He is helped in this by a small group of fellow novice adventurers, the mysterious dark priest Ytilaer and Jim’s own unusual powers.

Note: AndTheAdventureContinued contains some graphic violence.

An ongoing series, with new episodes fortnightly

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Listed: Dec 5, 2015


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Decent Sword and Sorcery with an interesting twist but confusing writing

By Whyknotzoidberg, author of Hotfoot

Feb 19, 2016: As a superhero author, I always enjoy when superpowers are injected into other genres. That’s why I decided to check this seriall out, and honestly it’s handled pretty well. Without powers AndTheAdventureContinued wold be a very bland story. It’s other element’s aren’t bad, but they aren’t too good either.

Story: Decent. Interesting world with a well thought out magic system. Villians have cool powers and abilities, but their characterization is a bit weak. The author heavily relies on overused tropes, and they aren’t very memorable. Supporting characters and orbit agonists are decent, but many of them don’t seem to have much character. There are some standouts, but otherwise it’s a pretty good but slightly vanilla main cast.

Fight Scenes: This is where it shines. Interesting abilities are well utilized, all though it does suffer slightly from the Avengers school of tissue paper mooks. The Heroes tear through most baddies with ease, but when they encounter a worthy opponent things get good.

Writing: Wierd. The voice/style is a well and good, but there are typos and wierd paragraphs. For example it does this a lot: "So then I said what’s up? Did you see the movie?

It was great right? I loved the characters!"

In case you didn’t see it, like I didn’t on my first time encountering this, It was all the same quote from the same person. This can become really confusing since the author forgets quote marks sometimes.

In short it’s a pretty good story with interesting abilities and lore with serviceable characters and strange writing.

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