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A Sci-Fi Epic in the making

By Zethuron, member

Jul 16, 2018: This is more a personal opinion on the story since i am not a good reviewer.

Overall this story is one of my top favorite webnovels for so many reasons, and i cant really list them all. I myself expect to read and enjoy this story for a very long time.

This is one of the most original Sci-Fi stories i have read so far, i even compare this to some of the Sci-Fi classics in literature .

Honestly said, the first arc is lacking in quality compared to the later arcs, a main reason for this is the MC’s goal of saving the world from global Warming caused by humans and his stupid idea’s at attempting it, this goal soon shifts to something FAR grander and the story does improve a lot .

Just the sheer scale of what is written in the story should say enough that this story will grow MUCH bigger. The story just barely started on the worlds, all of which are original ideas you would expect from a Sci-Fi story. With the scale of it all the author has done a very well job at the many different worlds so far in the story, even if they only appear for a couple of chapters they are still explained in some way, along with the (sometimes weird) flora and fauna of that world.

The characters are pretty well written, especially the two main characters.

Bath, our (friendly) alien from Modern Day Earth, he is a OP intelligent super-Predator that tries to blend in with human society, and somewhat fails at that.

Along with Lisa, his (human) childhood friend they go on a adventure that spans the universe, on their way to the center of it all, at the current chapters, they just started finishing the first steps.

I would say, just go give this story a try and please try to keep on reading if you do not like certain elements of the first arc, when it ends the story improves so much.

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