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By intergal, member

May 12, 2010: Arcadia Snips is the titular character of this tale, the narrative follows her misadventures in the city of Aberwick, seemingly besieged by an evil that is out to dissect her beloved city. However, Miss Snips herself is something of a rogue and she isn’t going to save the city for free.

I will be honest, I’m not a huge Victoriana steampunk fan, so readers may want to take my review with a pinch of salt. Having lived in Camden Town, the concept of steampunk holds very little for romance for me, much how most New Yorkers must feel about caped crusaders and Tokyoites about giant lizards and moths. I feel like I have seen more polished examples of this genre and stylisation in Gail Carriger’s works and in Silverheart. The dialogue style is quaint, but it can be slightly contrived at times. On the other hand, the flippancy of some of the character interactions can also be quite funny – the humour within this text is very well written, and is the shining point.

As regards characters, I wasn’t as fascinated with Snips herself, but I found scenes with Daffodil to be very amusing. The rest of the supporting cast is rather strong and entertaining.

Chapter 1 reads much more like a Prologue and is set 20 years before the main storyline actually commences – as fussy as this may sound, I would have much rather it had been marked as a Prologue, as it would have made for a cleaner story flow. It feels like a separate entity to the main body of the work, and I feel that it should perhaps be treated as thus, as it can come across as a sloppy change in pace.

The overall design of the website is quite good, and it’s easy enough to navigate. I didn’t find the text hard to read physically – it’s grey/white text on black, so you’re eyes won’t bleed, and the chapters are interspersed with some very lovely artwork.

So if you like yourself a little Victoriana steampunk with an occasional Etonian or mockney accent, you’ll probably quite enjoy yourself with Arcadia Snips. Just be careful, because she is a tricksy character.

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