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Arcana Magi by H-M Brown


When twelve-year-old Alysia Morales chose to become a Sentinel of the mythical bird Suzaku, she was taken away from her family and friends by Avalon Tech Enterprises and turned into Oryn Zentharis’ personal bodyguard.

Unlike her parents, Alysia was born without mana, the energy source of magic. That was until one day, she suffered a concussion that awakened her magical abilities.

While she was unconscious, she met Suzaku, the mythical firebird who gave the young girl its staff to become a Sentinel. When Alysia agreed and called the staff’s name, Saga, she awoke to find herself with a pair of misty wings and her life changed.

When a collegue of Oryn Zentharis discovered Alysia was a Sentinel, they faked her death and took her away to Avalon Tech, where they altered her mind and turned her into a puppet. Now thirteen, Alysia’s mission is to help find the remaining three Sentinels; Byakko, Seiryuu, and Genbu. Yet, Alysia’s true self began to fight back the programming.

Will Alysia free herself in time to keep Avalon Tech from capturing and brainwashing the remaining Sentinels? Or will Avalon Tech succeed and use the Sentinels to control the world?

Note: Arcana Magi contains some graphic violence.

A serialized novel, updating weekly

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Listed: Feb 8, 2010

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corporate conspiracy gilded with anime

By capriox, member

Feb 14, 2010: Arcani Magi tells the story of a girl who gains the ability to do this story’s version of magic, channeling mana, after suffering from a concussion. The story also spends a lot of time from the point of view of the antagonist, a corporate scientist who wipes the girl’s mind and intends to use her as a research subject.

Arcani Magi has a number of touches that suggests an anime style: the detailed, colorful outfit of the protagonist, many Japanese names, the details of the "summoning" magic, etc.

Unfortunately, I can’t recommend this story because of the flat writing style. The first three chapters are written largely in passive voice, although it becomes more active as the action & dialogue pick up. Also, transitions and the passage of time are glossed over, so that the story’s pacing feels breathless. It’s like reading a long sentence without any commas or other punctuation, only on the narrative-level.

The writing does improve slightly in chapter four and five, and if it continues to do so, I may come back to give it a higher rating. For now though, I wouldn’t recommend this story unless you really want to read another young girl heroine anime or you’re obsessed with dark corporate conspiracy tales.

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